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Welcome to St Jude’s Unichurch

Unichurch is a community of students and young adults from all over the world, most of whom are followers of Jesus Christ. There are always people who are not Christians at Unichurch, who just want to find out about Jesus and ask some big questions. We like things being this way.


Sunday Service: 6:30pm at St Jude’s Church Hall, 2 Keppel St, Carlton


St Jude’s Church Hall
2 Keppel St

Getting Here

TRAM routes routes 1 and 6 are available on Elgin St.

BUS routes 200, 200-207 combined, 995 and 996 are available on Lygon St.


On Street parking is available in surrounding streets. Please take care to obey sign restrictions where applicable (including areas of permit parking).

Joining in at Unichurch

Unichurch meets together every Sunday at 6:30pm in the Charles Pearson lecture theatre, in the Eastern Resource Centre at Melbourne Uni.

The thing that drives our Sunday meetings is getting our hearts and minds engaged with God. So at the heart of meeting is a 30 minute talk from the bible. The songs we sing aim to fill our hearts with the amazing truths that God has told us about who he is and what he has done. And we love to pray spontaneously as a congregation in response to what we have heard from our father God. We are convinced that as we do this, he works to give us life, and make us more and more like Jesus.

Almost everyone hangs around at the end to talk to each other over some supper. And then a crowd of us usually head down Lygon St to spend even more time together and eat even more.  Papa Gino’s is where you can usually find us. We love having visitors join us – please come along.

Our Small Groups  meet weekly during term time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  It’s easy to join in – just come along to St Jude’s Church, 2 Keppel St Carlton, on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. There will be a cheap hot dinner and then studies start at about 7.45pm. Or if Wednesdays does not work for you, we can place you in one of our groups that meet in people’s homes on a Tuesday evening.

We also have special meeting for international students who have English as a second language. Its easy to join in – come along to St Jude’s Church, 2 Keppel St Carlton on Thursday evening at 6pm . There’s food there too.

If you would like to join a group you can just turn up on Wednesday or Thursday Evenings at St Jude’s or fill out the form on the contact form below and we will get in touch.

Unichurch is a family and just like any family there are practical ways in which everyone needs to get stuck in. Making supper for people, welcoming new folk, helping with audio-visuals, or even just tidying up after a meeting. Click below to join, view or amend what you are doing on the Unichurch roster. 


International Students at Unichurch

At Unchurch we have many members who are international students.

Cross Cultures

Cross Cultures is a ministry to International Students. Our great aim is that everyone who comes to Cross Cultures will “Make Friends and Meet Jesus”. We meet every Thursday afternoon at St Jude’s Church, Carlton at 6pm for a meal. After the meal we spend some time learning from the Bible together, usually in small groups. We also go away together on camp a few times a year so that we can get to know each other better, and have more opportunity to learn from the Bible together. Lots of people come to Cross Cultures from all over the world – many people are Christians, and many are not – they just want to find out more about Jesus. You are welcome to just come along on a Thursday. If you want to let us know you are coming, or would like more information, you can contact Chris Morris on cmorris@stjudes.org.au or 0423634148. Chris leads Cross Cultures and would love to hear from you.

Cross cultures also run free English classes on Thursday afternoons.


What’s on?

Unichurch Staff Team

TIM CURTISSenior Associate Minister
Phone: 03 9347 5152
Email: tcurtis@stjudes.org.au
FIONA MCLEANDiscipleship Minister
Phone: 03 9347 5152
Email: fmclean@stjudes.org.au

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