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170 The Avenue, Parkville

St Jude’s in Parkville is a contemporary evangelical Christian church located in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Parkville. We are passionate about being a loving community, open and welcoming to visitors and newcomers – especially residents of Melbourne’s inner-north where many of us live.

Everyone is most welcome to join us for either service, both of which provide opportunities to hear the Bible explained, to think about its implications for our lives, and to give thanks to God for who he is and what he offers us. Our congregations are made up of real people who have good days and bad days, struggles and joys, but who cling to hope in Jesus Christ.

Our 10am congregation is comprised of people from a variety of life’s stages – particularly, but not exclusively young families as well as single people and couples with or without children.

Parallel to our morning service, we offer kids’ programs aimed at kids between 0 and 12. However, we believe that there is value in children and adults having shared learning times as well so we do have all together services on an semi-regular basis.

Once per month we meet for a community BBQ after the service to get to know each other better and foster friendships. We celebrate baptisms and dedications together as well as other relevant events in our life as a church family.

We want to support and serve each other through our unique gifts and talents as each person contributes meaningfully to the body of Christ here in Parkville.

At both services we are committed to preaching and understanding God’s word to us, exploring how God’s word shapes the ways in which we live. We share our struggles and joys, encouraging each other to live authentically as followers of Jesus, to be salt and light not only on Sundays but in each moment of our lives.

Our 5pm congregation is popular among young professionals, post-graduate and undergraduate students as well as married couples who don’t have children at home. We work hard to be a community in which everyone can find their place, irrespective of age, life stage or background.

Many of us do not necessarily have family in Melbourne, so we have a strong emphasis on community and living life as a church family. Once per month we have a bring and share dinner after the service, which allows us to get to know each other better over a meal. But most other weeks there are groups of us going out for dinner after the service.

 Due to the transient nature of Melbourne, we often say hello and goodbye to people that are with us only for a short while. Though this is tough sometimes, this makes the 5pm congregation a place that is particularly open and welcoming for newcomers.

At both services we are committed to preaching and understanding God’s word to us, exploring how God’s word shapes the ways in which we live. We share our struggles and joys, encouraging each other to live authentically as followers of Jesus, to be salt and light not only on Sundays but in each moment of our lives.


170 The Avenue
Parkville, VIC 3052

Getting Here

TRAM route 19 runs along Royal Parade and the closest stop is Walker St, Stop 16. From there, we are a 300m walk up Walker St and right onto The Avenue.

BUS route 505 runs along Poplar Rd and the closest stop is at Melbourne Zoo. From there, we are a 350m walk down Poplar Rd and left onto The Avenue.

The closest TRAIN station is Royal Park, which is on the Upfield line. From Royal Park Station we are a 700m walk along the Upfield Bike Path (past Royal Park Golf Club) then right on The Avenue.


On Street parking is available along The Avenue and side streets. Please take care to obey sign restrictions where applicable (including areas of permit parking).


Our specific mission is to invest our lives in the goal of making Jesus known, for the salvation of many, and for the glory of God’s great name. At St Jude’s in Parkville we seek to achieve this by engaging with each other, the community and the world.

Home Groups

Our homegroups are a place to read and discuss the bible. We listen in church, but in home groups we get to speak. We pray for each other, we seek to encourage each other in all-of – life discipleship, and we look outwards to pray  for our not-yet-Christian friends, and our St Jude’s Mission Partners. And we eat together – dinners and social gatherings.  Home groups meet weekly, or fortnightly, some are gender specific, and the location ranges from Hawthorn to Sunshine, and from Carlton to Thornbury. 

If you are interested in joining a home group, please contact Parkville Administrator, Peggy Kern ( 

Men’s and Women’s Ministries

We meet all together in church and home groups, and other gatherings, but we also meet together – just men or just women to focus on being disciples in some specific areas. This can be in large and small groups irregularly, for conversation and for input.

And we encourage people to meet in prayer partnerships – in 2’s or 3’s, or in a one to one discipling or mentoring partnership.  

To find out more about our events for men or women at Parkville, please refer to our weekly email, the midweek news. You can sign up by emailing Parkville Administrator, Peggy Kern at

rEcess Respite Program for Families Experiencing Disability

rEcess is a respite programme for families experiencing disability, and is based on a model created by 99 Balloons in the US.

St Jude’s rEcess started in 2015 as part of “Indispensability”, which aims to promote inclusion at St Jude’s. Teaming up with St Jude’s Parkville’s Engage Ministries, we want to build relationships with families affected by disability. Families that can often feel isolated are invited to a rEcess morning designed for a family specifically like theirs.

Once a month, parents drop off their kids for the morning, and volunteers buddy one on one with kids to have the best Saturday of the month! The rEcess model allows individuals with no expertise to come and engage with special needs families. Entire communities take note when love is shown by a group of committed and passionate individuals. So, live out what you believe, proclaim the worth of all through a simple act of service,  and come volunteer with us!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Natalie Tan-Ang at; visit our Children’s & Youth page to read more about St Jude’s Indispensability program.

Visiting Asylum Seekers in Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation

Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA) is a detention centre in Broadmeadows, housing asylum seekers that are waiting for their asylum claims to be accepted or rejected, or those who are being detained indefinitely. Detainees have fled countries where they have faced serious persecution- commonly Iran, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Time spent in detention can be an isolating and distressing experience; we are looking for St Jude’s attendees to spend time at MITA to build friendships with those seeking asylum in our county. We want to recognise them, love them and show concern for their welfare not on the basis of their residential status, but because they are made in the image of a God who loves and cares for them. Visits provide a break from the monotony of life for those in detention, often taking place around shared food, card games or a chat over a cuppa.

All St Jude’s attendees are welcome to visit detainees, including children accompanied by parents. Ongoing pastoral support will also be available to those visiting MITA.

Please contact Lauren Fraser, Parkville Community Engagement Worker, to volunteer or for more information:

St Ambrose’s Catholic Parish Food Bank

A practical way to serve our community is to provide food for those experiencing hardship. For the last 10 years, St Ambrose’s Catholic Parish Brunswick has been providing fresh produce, bread and pre-packaged foods to community members every Thursday morning. The food bank is a busy service that often attracts more needy people than it has food to distribute. Visitors to the food bank include recent migrants, people with drug/alcohol issues, single parents, the unemployed, students and people living in community housing. The service is run by the church and community volunteers, and relies heavily on donations of food and food purchased with money donated from the community.

There are two ways to get involved with the food bank:

  • For those free on Thursdays, volunteer a morning at St Ambrose’s to distribute food to those in need. Children are welcome. This is a practical help to the service, but also presents opportunities to build relationships with members of the community who regularly attend the food bank and with the local Catholic Church.
  • Donate non-perishable food items to the bank- a practical way to love and serve those experiencing hardship in our community.

Please contact Lauren Fraser, Parkville Community Engagement Worker, to volunteer or for more information:

Global Mission Partners

Currently we have eight Global Mission Partners that are sent out and supported by St Jude’s in Parkville. St Jude’s has committed 5% of our expected annual giving income to support them, as well as regular prayer and contact with them.



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