God’s mission for our world is to see people from every nation, tribe and people gathered around Jesus Christ as Lord. God’s harvest field is vast, and it needs workers.

The mission for St Jude’s Traineeships is to discover, develop and deploy gospel workers to God’s harvest field.

St Jude’s Traineeships provides trainees with a broad range of ministry experience to equip them for service, and discernment of gifts to help determine future ministry directions.


A specific training program will be developed with each trainee, taking into consideration their capacity, gifts, abilities and passions and the ministry needs of the church.

The training program could be either full-time or part-time, and will include:

  • Each trainee serves primarily in a St Jude’s campus or ministry area. Trainees may serve as a ‘generalist’, or specialise in a ministry area, such as:
    • Student ministry
    • Music & gatherings ministry
    • Cross-cultural ministry
    • Youth & kids ministry
    • Mercy & justice ministry
  • Ministry experts in each ministry area will provide training and support.
  • Equip provides theological and ministry education as part of a diverse cohort of trainees. Classroom learning in Equip complements practical ministry experience at St Jude’s.
  • Each trainee meets with a ministry coach on a regular basis for support and accountability. Coaches are generally St Jude’s staff who oversee the trainee’s primary area of ministry. Coaches help trainees map out their program, manage their workload, reflect on their ministry and consider the way forward.
  • Alongside a primary ministry area, trainees have many opportunities to gain practical experience in ministry areas across St Jude’s, such as youth & kids ministry, Carlton Housing Estate ministry, ministry with people with disabilities, cross-cultural ministry and many others.
  • Trainees have opportunities to engage in other training, such as conferences and consultations. Trainees share in the life of the St Jude’s staff team, and build broader ministry networks.


St Jude’s Traineeships form trainees in their character, ministry skills and convictions to be effective ministers of the gospel for a changing and complex world.

The key values of St Jude’s Traineeships are:

  • Trainees are encouraged and supported to nurture a vibrant spiritual life and consistent habits of Bible reading and prayer.
  • St Jude’s ministry is centred on teaching God’s word.
  • Every trainee gains evangelism experience in a variety of contexts
  • St Jude’s trainees are formed to be ministry leaders for a complex and changing world.
  • Trainees engage in critical ministry reflection and discuss future ministry directions with their coach and other ministry leaders. Traineeship programs are individually developed to help trainees discern future ministry calling and opportunities.
  • Trainees will be equipped with diverse ministry skills

Financial & Prayer Support

The St Jude’s Traineeships program needs your support, both financially and through prayer. If you’d like to provide support to the program generally or a specific trainee either financially or through prayer, sign up here.

Expression of Interest

If you’re interested in exploring a traineeship with St Jude’s, fill in the expression of interest form or speak to your minister.


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