What is Global Mission?

As followers of Jesus we are all called to be missionaries, our mission is the proclamation of the gospel to those who don’t know Jesus. Some of us are called to do this on our doorstep in our local communities, others are called to serve in another culture and/or country. Missionaries work under the auspices of a missionary organisation that manages such aspects of their work such as salary, travels, ministering to the needs of their missionaries and promotion of their work.

Our global mission partners are supported by our church both in prayer and financially.

Global Mission Partners

Currently we have 17 Global Mission Partners who are sent out and supported by St Jude’s. St Jude’s has committed 5% of our expected annual giving income to support them, as well as regular prayer and contact with them. These Global Mission Partners are assigned to several Congregations at St Jude’s.

How can I support Global Missions?

You can support Global Missions in a number of ways, including:

* praying regularly for your Global Mission Partner
* keep in touch with the Global Mission Partner via e-mail or 
sending letters
* send a care package, especially around Christmas/birthdays etc.
* contributing to the financial support of your Global Mission Partner
* become a member of a mission organisation 
which allows you to receive their newsletters and 
find out about upcoming missions events
* attend missions events 
or mission interest meetings
* challenge others to be open to God’s call on your lives and where He may be leading you


How to Pray for Global Mission Partners

Here are some items you might like to consider when praying for St Jude’s Global Mission Partners:

Global Poor

St Jude’s has committed 1% of our giving income to assist with the relief of global poverty, by supporting a number of projects, as well as emergency relief. Current projects include:

  • MUS in Mussoorie, India: a small local project to initiate community development programs in very isolated villages. These include health clinics, education & income generation, and are aimed at the women of the village.
  • Support for staff salaries at  Sparsh Christian primary school, in an remote village near Mussoorie, India.
  • Supporting the work of SAMPAN, a community & health development program
that aims to maximise physical and spiritual health
among mountain people in Northern India.
  • Emergency disaster relief as it occurs around the world. Recently supported the victims of floods in Northern India.

Indigenous Ministry

St Jude’s is committed to investigating how we can support Christian ministry amongst indigenous peoples around Australia.

At present we are working with Heidi Fuelling (YWAM, Perth) in a school project with indigenous children in Coolgardie, WA.  Some of our youth and young adults have made two short-term trips, in July 2012 and 2014.

In March 2013 we held a thanksgiving service for the indigenous custodians of the land on which our main building sits, and have attached a plaque at the entrance of the church recognising the original indigenous custodians of the land.

Who can become a Missionary?

God calls a wide variety of people with all sorts of skills and training to do his work. We’re all blessed with our own unique strengths and talents which God calls us to use in His service. It’s not just doctors and Bible teachers who are sent out, as these days we see people with all kinds of diverse skills, all serving the Lord where He has called them. Missionaries are the individuals who feel God’s calling on their hearts and put everything on the line to respond to this need.