St Jude’s at Errol StreetNorth Melbourne Primary School

Our service has a children’s program and relevant teaching for adults. An all age congregation for young and old, families and singles.

At St Jude’s we aim to celebrate, support and encourage all ages and stages in life. We desire that all of life be shaped and transformed by the gospel of our Lord Jesus and know that together from the youngest to the oldest we can encourage, challenge and spur one another to live the lives God has called us to live. At St Jude’s at Errol St, there is opportunity to grow in faith alongside toddlers and academics, business executives and teenagers, retirees and immigrants, parents and young workers.

Sunday services: 10am (210 Errol St, North Melbourne)

For more information about St Jude’s at Errol St, please contact the St Jude’s office on 03 9347 5152.

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