“equipped for every good work…”

2 Timothy 3:17

What Is It?

eQuip is an apprenticeship training program designed to equip people for gospel ministry as Bible teachers, leaders, pastors and evangelists.
It is for anyone who is considering gospel ministry as a vocation, to give you a taste of what it is like to work in a gospel ministry context, and to test that vocation. You will be involved in gospel ministry hands-on, while being supervised by someone already in gospel ministry. There are many different gospel ministry contexts we offer as placements: local church ministry, University ministry, family and children’s ministry, youth ministry, cross-cultural ministry, city ministry, where you can train on the job.

Who Is It For?

eQuip is for anyone who wants to be trained to serve God by being able to teach others who themselves will teach others the Gospel, in a local church, a University campus, or some other area of ministry.
eQuip is also designed for those who are considering theological or Bible College training in the future and heading towards full-time ministry, and to test out that direction.
eQuip is also for people who are considering serving God overseas or in cross-cultural ministry within Australia in the future.

How Does It Work?

• Enrol for a 2 year traineeship, either full-time (5 days/week) or part-time (minimum 2 days/week).
• There are 2 components to the programme: Foundations & Issues of Ministry; and Supervised Practical Ministry.
• The majority of the Trainee’s time will be spent in Supervised Practical Ministry where they will be given ministry training, supervision and mentoring in a particular ministry area (see Program).
• Fees: there is a charge of $1,320 for the 2 year program.
• Supervisors are appointed by the Director.
• Each Trainee will sign a contract committing themselves to the Aims, Goals, Values and Ethics of  eQuip.
• The course starts in February each year, but provision may be made for mid-year enrolments.

Who Is It Run By?

eQuip is an independent organisation, associated with St Jude’s Anglican Church in Carlton, Victoria, and directed by the Rev. John Sugars. It was the initiative of the Rev Dr Peter Adam, formerly Vicar of St Jude’s and Director of The Timothy Institute. eQuip draws upon the Staff of St Jude’s and other local churches as appointed by the Director.

For more information please contact John Sugars jwsugars@gmail.com
The eQuip Bible and Ministry Traineeship is part of eQuip Ministry Incorporated, which is responsible for the traineeship program.
eQuip Ministry Incorporated is registered with the government as a charitable institution. It is run by the eQuip Board, which has a constitutional link with St Jude’s.

Members of the Board are:

•   William McWhirter (President)   •   Richard Condie (Vice-President)   •   Jia-Yee Lee   •   Richard Lange    •   Tim Curtis
•   Rob Miller   •   The 3 Churchwardens of St Jude’s   •   John Sugars (Director)


For a full-time Trainee a potential programme would include:

1. Teaching Program – 3 hours per week
Foundations of Ministry

• Biblical Theology
• How to Teach Mark
How to Teach Genesis
Principles of Expository Preaching
• Principles of Biblical Interpretation
• Christian Leadership
• Christian Discipling
• Evangelism & Apologetics

Issues of Ministry
          Issues such as:

• uniqueness of Christ
• authority of the Bible
• guidance
• personal godliness
• ministry strategy
• growing leaders etc

2. Supervised Practical Ministry
4 days per week   

• Choose from ministry areas such as
• University Students
• Overseas Students
• Youth Ministry
• Local Church Ministry
• Cross-cultural ministry
• Family & Children’s Ministry
• Central Business District

Supervision meetings – 1 hour per week

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