Free Debt Help

مساعدة الديون دون أي تكلفة



caawimo deynta free

Call 1300 227 000 if you need free help to get out of debt.

About the Carlton Debt Centre

The Carlton Debt Centre offers FREE debt counselling from an award winning charity in the Inner North suburbs and City of Melbourne.

St Jude’s Anglican Church have partnered with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to offer fee-free debt help. In 2015, the fee free Christians Against Poverty debt help service was able to see 90% of current clients in Australia actively manage debts and work towards becoming debt free, paying off $14,000,000 of debts owed and having $930,000 waived completely from their debts in that year alone.

We thank the City of Melbourne for supporting this service through their community grants program. We also give special recognition to the many local agencies for their support to get the Carlton Debt Centre off the ground.

Are You Struggling With Debt?

To anyone who is struggling in debt, you are not alone. Our client services team will work with you to come up with a plan to become debt free and then we’ll support you through the entire process. We’ll encourage you. We will not judge you. We’ll help you develop solutions and skills that will help you to manage your money – both now and after you become debt free.

Call 1300 227 000 to find out more or obtain an appointment to begin a supported journey towards being debt free.

About St Jude’s Church

St Jude’s is an Evangelical Anglican church in Melbourne, welcoming all people: all ages, all abilities, all stages of life and all cultural backgrounds. We desire for all to live in hope for the future. Our Vision is to be a church for the whole person, the whole community, the whole city, and the whole world. Therefore, we are dedicated to assisting people in the Inner North areas of Melbourne to be free from oppressive debt situations.

To all who would pray, please pray for this Debt Centre – that it will bring lots of relief and love to people who need it.

About Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) are passionate about releasing people in our nation from a life sentence of debt, poverty and its causes. Their services run through local churches, tackling poverty head on. CAP Australia has over 40 centres Australia wide and has already seen over 1500 people set free from debt since 2009.  Read more about CAP…