St Jude’s Education Centre

Over 150 years ago, the founders of St Jude’s Church built our current buildings and had a vision to serve the community of Melbourne’s inner North. Over the generations, faithful men and women have lived out this vision. It now falls to our generation to take up the next challenge. Our renewed vision is to create a church and Education Centre for the 21st century appropriate for the dynamically changing community in the inner north of Melbourne.

In October 2014, a fire in the sanctuary of St Jude’s Church damaged this heritage building and its contents. This fire has given us an opportunity to develop new facilities that cater for ministry and education in the 21st century.

Currently we have more than 100 children attending learning times each Sunday and multiple groups providing educational programs throughout the week. Our building amenity has limited and inadequate teaching spaces and poor building access for families with small children and those with disabilities.

To serve the future generations of St Jude’s and the community, we will build a church centre that is welcoming, engaging and flexible for our community.

St Jude’s is conveniently located close to Melbourne University and RMIT with more than 95,000 students, opposite the Carlton public housing estates, and in the middle of a growing local community.

Amongst the things we already do are Sunday services, programs for international students, a homework club for those for whom English is a second language.

Our renewed vision will restore St Jude’s fully polychromatic brick Church, build education amenities and refurbish spaces for offices.

Our new community Education Centre will serve the needs of our community for the next generation.

The new Education Centre building will have seating for 100+ people, halls for teaching and four meeting areas all with modern education and training facilities and a commercial-grade kitchen for catering. There will be a children’s playground and open space for church and community use.

The cost is estimated to be $6 million. We may need to sell an existing property to support pledges of at least $4 million. As at mid July 2017, initial pledges and donations from church members have raised $2 million. We seek a further $2 million of donations or pledges over the next 5 – 7 years.

Donations to the St Jude’s Education Centre Building Fund are tax deductible.


Building Vision at St Jude’s

Our desire is to serve the future generations of St Jude’s and the Diocese of Melbourne with a building that is welcoming, engaging, exible, and speaks of the hope of Jesus for our world.

We want our facilities to serve as a hub for all our ministries: our education programs, the congregations that meet in Carlton, our Parkville campus and our Estates ministry, and our future church planting dreams.

Our Vision is to be a church for the whole person, the whole community, the whole city, and the whole world and we proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A church for the whole person

We wish to be a church that ministers (through our programs including teaching and pastoral care) and welcomes the whole person, regardless of age or ability.

A church for the whole community

Due to its location, St Jude’s is positioned to reach many diverse communities, including Melbourne University and RMIT University, the Carlton Housing Estates, the Melbourne CBD and the increasing number of families living in the inner north.

A church for the whole city

Due to St Jude’s history, location and reach of parishioners (from over 140 postcodes), we see a key part of our vision to serve the whole city and Diocese. Apart from our own programs, we hope to use our building to support other local parishes as well as hosting diocesan and other larger events such as, training, conferences, etc.

A church for the whole world

St Jude’s has a wonderful history of training and sending people to theological college and the mission field, indeed all 17 of our current mission partners are home grown. We also have an increasing mission to the substantial number of overseas students who attend Melbourne University and RMIT University.

St Jude’s has been the home for a vibrant, living church community for generations. We have seen wonderful growth.

We ask you now to join us as we seek God’s future for St Jude’s.

Giving Support

To support the St Jude’s Education Centre Building fund please download the form below, fill in the required details and return the completed form to St Jude’s office.

If you have any queries or any issues downloading a copy of the form please do not hesitate to contact the office on 03 9347 5152 or via email at

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation, details for electronic funds transfer and cheque are listed below.

We can use small donations as well as larger donations, so please pray about what you can give. All donations over $20 are tax deductible.

By Electronic Funds Transfer (Internet Banking):

To give electronically from your bank account or Credit Card our account details are:

Account Name: St Jude’s Christian Education Centre Building Fund
BSB: 703 122
Account no: 0500 9407

Please identify yourself clearly in the electronic transfer reference by inserting your family name and “Education Centre” unless you wish to give anonymously (please note that anonymous donations will not receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes).

By Cheque:

Please make payable to St Jude’s Christian Education Centre Building Fund and send to:
St Jude’s Anglican Church
2 Keppel St,
Carlton, Victoria, 3053, Australia

 Please identify yourself clearly with each cheque, with full name and address details, unless you wish to give anonymously (please note that anonymous donations will not receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes)

Online Credit Card Donation:

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