Advent with St Jude’s

Advent is a special season in our church life together. It is a time of preparation and anticipation as we wait to celebrate of the birth of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. To help us do that as a community this year, we’re working on a special project – Advent with St Jude’s. For each day of Advent a member of St Jude’s will share an artwork and reflection based on a relevant bible passage. These artworks and reflections will be combined into a book. Our hope is that this book will encourage us as we journey through the Advent season together.  Our hope is that Advent with St Jude’s will be a wonderful blessing to our church. We pray that it would also be a blessing to others – we think it would make a great gift, and be a wonderful way to share the hope of Christmas with family and friends!

Contributing Artists

Tony Teo, Jakob & Daiana Bradbeer, Aimee Smith, David Wong, Lucy Myers, Sanam Bahramian, Hardie Family, Chris Bilby, Jack Tan, Delwyn Castellano, Julie Mitchell, Sarah Ackland, Dave & Eliza Tsang, Wayne Rice, Loveday Family,  Zewdie Zeyen, Jess Breeden, Gilliam Family, Geoff Kennedy,  Mei Ong,  Nikita Castellano, Dove Family, Dominic On, Miriam Anderson, Rachel Sarkis


Advent with St Jude’s will be a professionally bound and presented 30cm x 30cm square book, so there is a cost (to cover expenses). You can pre-purchase a copy before October 25 for $35 per book, or 3 for $100. Prices after October 25 will be $40 per book or 3 for $110.


We hope to have the books ready by mid-to-late November. You can either pick-up the book from our Carlton site (depending on Covid restrictions), or we can mail it out to you at an extra cost.

Devotional Resource

We are also compiling a free devotional resource to be used alongside the Advent with St Jude’s book. The devotional resource will be available for download here in late November.