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Our Vision

‘The Spiritual Renewal of Inner Northern Melbourne, Our City and the World.’

Spiritual Renewal – because God brings new life to a world that is spiritually dead, and constant renewal and refreshment to His own people.

Inner Northern Melbourne – because we gather each week in the inner north with its international and local students, young adults, families, intellectuals, and housing estate residents; people from all over the world; many thousands living in the darkness of sin. The Gospel is powerful to rescue them, and we are in their midst, and have the words they need.

Our City – because we love the City of Melbourne with its culture, love of sport, arts, intellectual life, business and local neighbourhoods. We are a gathered church from all over Melbourne, and can influence not just the inner north, but wherever we live, work and play. We believe the whole city needs spiritual renewal.

Our World – because we know that we have good news for every tribe, language, people and nation, and we cannot keep it to ourselves.

Our Core Commitments

God – Our greatest commitment is to God, revealed to us in the scriptures as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – to worship Him with our whole lives.

Bible – We value the Bible in all our life as God’s words to us, and therefore the primary means for our spiritual renewal.

Prayer – We humbly depend on God through prayer, calling on Him to work through us, sustain us and grow us.

Community – We love Christ’s church and the community we have with one another in it, where we share our lives with each other in congregations, missional communities and small groups.

Diversity – We love the fact that St Jude’s is made up of many different types of people – young and old, families and singles, internationals and locals.

Evangelism – We love people and long for them to be disciples of Christ, and know that they need to respond to the Gospel as it is proclaimed to them.

Service – We love the world that God has made, and want to serve Him in it to bring justice and transformation through the reign of Christ.